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nice but this prototype live or die?

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This is so fantastic!

after playing through this game I only wanted to know more! It's just so creepy and eerie and the mystery of this game had me captivated from start to finish! I love the style this game went for and the creature itself was absolutely terrifying! I absolutely love the experience!

I played your game in my 3 Games series on Odysee the link is: 

Your game starts at 21.28 and I critique it at the end at 42.35

I liked your game, however I wasn't creeped out or scared by it, more weirded out than anything, however I do have some criticisms, the character is too slow, and a tiny bit more direction might be necessary, I shouldn't have to watch other people playing your game to figure out what to do next, however also unfortunately I wasn't surprised as once I turned on the first generator I immediately remembered the ending from Markiplier's playthrough,  so overall not a bad game just slightly boring and slow.

this is interesting...

This was a pretty fun little game, good work :)

From time to time, I come back to this one
I love it

Fun little game!

THIS was terrifying! I was playing this in the morning without headphones, on a laptop and was scared shitless. Good work!

markiplier played your game

3 scary games #27

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Hi, i've used "Albion" to make a music video for a track of mine. I know it's free to download but before i publish it on YouTube i feel i should get your permission.  If you would like to see it before deciding, let me know and i'll send it to you. Cheers, John.

Sorry I don't check this often. If its still any use to you go ahead. Sorry for not looking at this sooner.

Thanx Nancy, I took your no reply as a convenient 'yes'  & went ahead & posted the video on YouTube but it's nice you did get back to me, Thanx for that. If you want to see the end result, here it is... 

Naturally I credited you & if you scroll down from "show more" you'll see I linked you too. Best wishes, John.

Really want to play this but struggle without inverted mouse-look. Any chance you could add the option?


nice atmosphere :)


I enjoyed the dread of the setting. Even the generators were apprehensive.


Great atmospheric horror game! Very immersive experience.  Love the art style as well. Here's my playthrough: 


This game was sooo creepy.. geesh

Love the game's style and theme! I do wish there was a bit more to it however, but I quite enjoy it!

gorgeously creepy. Absolutely love it! I really hope this becomes a solid horror title!


Cool game! Would love to see a longer game of this! Keep up the awesome work!
I enjoyed the hell out of it. Made me yell like a child so good on ya.

Loved the style  and the atmosphere !!!

I love the Orwellian feel to this game. The nostalgic graphics was absolutely amazing. I felt as if I was playing the PS1 again. I'm very excited to see what you can do next!!

Interesting. Creepy, nightmareish atmosphere.

loved the style,hope to see more from you in the future, keep up the good work

I really want to see what the non prototype version would be now.

A fantastic piece of development, one of which continues and see's completion. Here is a video of my playthrough on our channel

A fun and chill experience, featuring what seems to be, tentacles? HMM.

Played this for a 4 Free indie horrors, and I gotta say, this was my favorite of the 4 I played. I could go into detail here, but I say more than plenty in the "Review Portion" of my video below. If you're looking for feedback, I think you're gonna wanna hear what I have to say my friend!

Hey! Really neat concept behind this one. I'm a fan of games with filter like this one but I like that you added a bit more to the whole spooky town thing by making things change as you progress. Not sure what the ending is but it was fun trying to find it. Good job! 

Made a video

My ram went to 70%


Gave it a go...

Spooky & nailed the ps1 vibes all in all it's a pretty good one to check out.

Cool game. I didn't quite understand the story but i think i got some of it.

do you know how much ram a vram is needed to play


Made a video on it just like a lot of people down here hahaha, the ending was a little bit weird, is it normal that it just closes down? But anyways great game love me some low-res horror games with a little bit of exploration.

🎀 PS1 STYLE RETRO HORROR GAME | Albion Full Gameplay Walkthrough

Creepy! Wish I understood what was going on but I guess that was the point.

Well, I gave the game a shot and not sure if I managed to complete it. Nice use of ps1 era graphics and environment to tell a story. 

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

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